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Barka dá zuwá, Nnoo ,Ekaabo

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This is a group blog project.
We love a good  laugh ,a good joke,Nigeria and  em...like looking for trouble too. 

Therefore we cannot be held liable for the F you might will definitely get if you use any of the definitions or words found on this site in any school project or thesis. 
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Of course we've all heard that "English is a dynamic language, blah blah blah" line, not that i disagree. Au contraire, i agree, fully :-) and as Boma said: English was force-fed to us ;-( so we should be able to 'modify' it to our tastes . . .
It is with this in mind, that we bring NaijaWords to life, to meet the ever present demand for a truly 'Naija-Compliant' version of Her Majesty's lingo.
Be warned, we shall not be responsible for whatever 'usesyou, our esteemed reader puts the word definitions and other content to ;-) but we hope that you DO use it, and have as much fun as possible while doing so.