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Thursday, August 19, 2010

*Naijaword: Hammer*

*Prelude*: y’all know the traditional meaning of the ‘word’ hammer??? You don’t? Well heres a summary:

Hammer (Noun)

A tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails

Hammer (Verb)

  • Strike or knock at or on something violently with one's hand or with a hammer or other object
  • Work hard and persistently
  • Attack or criticize forcefully and relentlessly
And now for one of my favourite Naijawords

*Naijaword: Hammer (Verb)*

To make money, by hook or preferably by crook


Ø '. . .Now i don hammer, Baba God don bless me and no one can change it . . '

Ø I need to hammer, soon

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