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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

definition: Boko

Word : Boko

Prologue: - Today(28th July ,2010 for those who don’t own a calendar or are too stoned to know what day it is-yes it’s a Wednesday) makes it exactly one year two days since the horrific inhumanities(Boko Haram crisis) that occurred in Brono state in northern Nigeria, which led to the loss of about 800 lives and more livelihoods.
 Therefore on a very sad note we add the word boko to the Naijawords lexicon . And pray for solace to those who lost friend,brothers,uncles,sisters,fathers and mothers in the maniacal religions attacks 

Boko /ɓóoko/
(verb) (past and past participle boko-ed, present participle boko-ing, 3rd person present singular bokos)
1.To destroy, to kill a living organism or a person or to sabotage an idea or a cause.
             ol’boy, the next time you try me, e no go easy i go boko you!
 The police would have bokoed the thieves had the fuel in their patrol vehicle not finished.
 Dora and soludo are bokoing each others political ambitions.
 The food was so delicious that the boy bokoed it all.
             The dog chased the child and bokoed his shorts.  

Origin – Hausa language ; from English meaning book.

**pls this is the first post..tell us what you think . O dabọ!**

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  1. I have no doubt that the word "boko" is being used this way but God isnt this a bit sick? OK so what about vuvuZeeeela?

    Great idea for a blog though so please keep it up and thanks for adding me to your roll

  2. Although it's on a sad note (today's post), just want to say I'm loving this blog already. It's time we had a Naija 'Urban' dictionary :) (it's sort of like http://www.urbandictionary.com/ )

  3. I look forward to more like this, lol...

  4. Interesting! We really need to have a dictionary for yarns we use!
    Well done!

  5. @*.* everybody: thanks for all the gr8 comments and compliments we are excited you like this site. hope you'd keep coming back, yeah?.
    please tell your friends-the more the merrier they say.
    @sokari, you're welcome well many of the words we use freely today have sinister and grotesque origins.
    @jaycee ,mucho gracias
    @myne , thanks we'll keep em coming.
    @BSNC @Dee:- seun(hope you knw wot that means)

  6. @sokari , hmmm vuvuZeeeela *cogs in head turning**
    pls if u come up with a cool definition before moi...just holla (email on top left of page)