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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Definition: Kaita

You all knew this was coming, didn't you?

Any Nigerian worth his green-white-green watched that miserable game against Greece and wanted to empty their bottle of --- umm -- coke against on the screen when that guy... kaita-ed, our World Cup chances.

Yes, yes, we still had a chance to qualify if we had won South Korea, but so what? Technicalities. Shio!




Present, Kaita. Past and past participle kaita-ed, present participle kaita-ing, 3rd person present singular kaitas)

1. To completely dagbaru (ruin, my non-Yoruba speaking friend) someone's chances of success, especially when things were going well before said mess up occurred.


* This guy was going to take his girlfriend out to eat, but his roommate kaita-ed him by spending all his money.
* I can't believe my sister kaita-ed me -- this was the last day to get tickets to the concert and she drove my car to Abuja!


2. A person in someone's life that, even though he wears your jersey, always seems to mess things up for your team. More generally, someone in your life you need to show the door.


* This your boyfriend is a kaita -- why is he never around when you need him?
* May God deliver us from kaitas!


  1. This blog is Kaitaing Kaita's image.

  2. LOL...chai, I guess it had to come to this. What of Mutallab?