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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Definition: Octopus

Word :Octopus

Prologue:- even if you just crawled out of some remote ravine on mars, you would have known that for a month or so, the eyes of the world were trained on Africa as all the stars in the galaxy of football descended on Africa to be part of the FiFa World Cup.
 Sha sha no long thing!
This  is not about the players rather it is about the tentacled German mollusc that is paul; the octopus that predicted eight straight match winners, a feat that the Kaduna born crocodile ,Musa couldn’t rival as he became a trendy wallet before the kick off of the first match! {Ps that last statement was a product of my over active imagination}.
Some people have even canvassed that paul picks Nigeria’s next president instead of PDP  INEC the people and some say we make it the new president of the Nigerian Football Federation while others think we should change replace the eagle in the Nigerian Coat of arms with an octopus (don’t quote me)
For the wonder that is paul, the word octopus has been added to the Naijawords lexicon

oc·to·pus [óktəpəss]
(plural oc·to·pus·es or oc·to·pi or oc·to·pus)

Noun  :- a lucky/fortunate person or a talisman that is impacts good luck;
 one that appears to have the Midas touch in every endeavour.
*note* usage does not include juju and yahoo boys**

Verb :- to guess , to take a chance that works out.
verb (past and past participle octopus-ed, present participle octopus·ing, 3rd person present singular octopus-es)
Usage :-
1.      1.   The boy was clueless about the MCQ exam; he ocotpused it and made a C.
2.      2.   Ol’ boy that guy na octopus , he won the raffle draw with only one entry.
3.      3.  Who says you cannot octopus your way to the top ? our president did it.
4.       4. To be an octopus, one must take risks

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